FIT + FEARLESS CIRCLE | 10 Week Group Coaching Program

FIT + FEARLESS CIRCLE | 10 Week Group Coaching Program

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Fit + Fearless Circle is a 10 week group fitness & nutrition program made for busy women who want to live a life completely in control of their health, reach their body physique goals, gain confidence and feel strong AF! SEND ME A DM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS!


FFC shows you that all of your health and fitness goals ARE within reach. You aren't doomed to feeling insecure, tired, unmotivated, and never seeing results because it’s “just the way you are” or because feeling empowered is for other people, but not you.


👉🏼 PROVEN FRAMEWORKS: Weekly educational modules to break down information in a way you can confidently understand & take action on

👉🏼 REAL-TIME SUPPORT & COMMUNITY: Live group calls and check-ins to provide you with support, feedback, and accountability, and the best community to hype you up for showing up for yourself!

👉🏼 AND SO MUCH MORE! Keep scrolling to learn more about the Fit + Fearless Circle.

Fit + Fearless Circle


...have a workout routine that easily fits into your schedule

...want to have a circle of women to hype you up when you're feeling down

... understand exactly what & how much to eat to reach your goals

...feel good about how your body looks when you look in the mirror every morning

...say goodbye to comparison mode and create a life of wellness that works for YOU

...feel fearless walking into the gym & knowing exactly what to do

...not to have to worry about if your clothes still fit

...feel guilt free going out with friends on a Friday night a life where you are in complete control, can eat whatever you love, still reach your body goals & feel strong AF in your body.


Yes, we really thought of everything!



How does Fit & Fearless Circle work?

Fit & Fearless Circle is a 10 week group coaching program created to teach you the WHY and HOW behind your health, fitness and nutrition. It will give you a solid understanding of your choices, confidence in your abilities and the skills & knowledge needed to reach your goals moving forward. Everything is provided in a private Facebook group, Dairy Girl Fitness training app, and Zoom calls!

You have two coaches at your fingertips for allll of the support, encouragement, and advice you could need. Emily and Ashley have a combined 8+ years of experience in the health & fitness industry, and know the power of taking care of your health, and want to help other women feel strong, confident and empowered through doing so as well.

Each week an educational video module recorded and presented by the coaches is uploaded teaching you the need-to-knows for each step of your journey - grocery shopping, food labels, food and meal prep, macronutrients, reverse dieting, metabolism, time management, stress and recovery, building your own workouts, body image and more.

Once a week we have a live group coaching call to answer all of your questions, celebrate the wins, dive more into the education, and help you create realistic action plans for implementing everything you've learned. This is along with weekly group check-ins in our Facebook group to provide even more accountability, personalized support and a clear path forward.

A convenient, & flexible workout plan (a gym or at home option!) is provided to you in our very own DGF training app! All exercises have video demonstrations, the reps and sets are provided to you, you can leave comments and ratings for the workouts, log the weights lifted to keep track of progress and upload progress pictures to see your transformation at the end of FFC!

And one of the best parts? You’ll be doing this with an entire community of like minded, supportive and uplifting women cheering you on and reminding you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.



...tired of restricting their favorite foods and going on expensive diets that NEVER work

...constantly feeling like she has to choose between summer parties or reaching her goals

...struggling to find a workout routine that works with her crazy schedule

... wishing she had a community of women to lean on when motivation is lacking

...constantly saying, "I don't have the time to workout as much as I'd like to."

...asking herself "why can't I just lose those last five pounds like everyone else?"

...stockpiling various supplements, workout equipment, & protein shakes in their house but never use them

...finding themselves going 100% all in just to lose it all & end up back where they started 

...constantly comparing themselves to superstar Susan who works out 5+ times a week, meal-preps like it's her job & gets overwhelmed that they can't do the same