1-1 Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

for women ready to build sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle habits so you look and feel GREAT for years to come

(and feel like a damn badass in your own skin)

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You have big health and fitness goals

You want to feel strong, build muscle and lose weight, know how to fuel your body properly, and just generally feel good in your own skin again.


  • You feel like you never have enough time and couldn’t possibly fit yet another task to complete (like workouts or meal prep!) into your busy schedule
  • You’ve lost confidence that your body is actually capable of losing the weight, or that you’re capable of sticking with it
  • You need support and accountability from someone to encourage you to continue moving forward even when you feel like “this isn’t working!”
  • You’re someone who loves the yummy food and drinks, and any other diet you’ve tried forced you to restrict so much that you constantly felt guilty and fell into the all or nothing mentality
  • You lack motivation and accountability, and tend to let a “bad day” turn into a “bad” rest of the month
  • You’re caught in analysis paralysis on where the heck to start with your nutrition and fitness when it comes to making progress in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming
  • You feel intimidated and confused when it comes to stepping into the gym and getting in solid workout
  • You struggle with focusing on consistency over perfection, and when your goals don’t go exactly to plan… You throw in the towel and start right back at square one
  • You need help with understanding and implenting how to plan ahead with your nutrition, while also knowing how to handle your nutrition when out of your normal routine
  • You have a hard time finding a realistic way to balance your goals in an enjoyable + flexible way with your career, kids, family time, travel and hobbies

Change your life with Dairy Girl Fitness 1-1 Fitness and Nutrition Coaching! This completely customized and tailored program is designed to help you reach your personal goals on your own terms.

Think…. Feeling confident in your body, strong in and outside of your workouts, energized because you finally understand how to fuel your body, empowered with the choices you're making, and supported by your coach and an entire community of like minded women!

Our 1-1 coaching is full of education, guidance, accountability and support - so you'll have all you need to set the foundation to create your new and improved lifestyle.


  • A negative mindset around food no longer controls your life and makes you feel guilty for simply eating the foods you love
  • You lost the weight in a way that feels realistic and enjoyable to maintain for years to come
  • Finally feeling confident in how your body looks and feels, and no longer feel the need to skip out on pictures or opportunities because you feel insecure
  • You finally have enough energy and stamina to keep up with the things that mean the most to you in life, like travel, hobbies, outdoor adventures or playing with your kids
  • Waking up feeling confident in how you’re going to tackle the day and align your choices with becoming the best version of yourself
  • You finally understand the what, why and how behind your choices so you can modify and adapt, instead of quitting on your goals every time something doesn’t go to plan
  • Having the strong, toned body of your dreams that fits into your favorite pair of jeans *perfectly*
  • Being able to eat the same meal as your partner and kids without constantly wondering, “Does this work in my diet??”
  • Creating habits that seamlessly fit into your busy schedule and allow you to feel strong, energized and empowered with your choices
  • Finally loving the body you’re in, feeling excited about the woman you’ve become, and knowing that you’re capable of any challenge life faces you with


Our 1-1 coaching is full of education, guidance, accountability and support.

So you'll have all you need to set the foundation to create your new and improved lifestyle.


“I am feeling AMAAAAAZING!! I have so much energy, my clothes are fitting better, people are noticing the weight loss and body composition changes. My mood has improved from being depressed and discouraged to I got this and I can do it. I feel confident in my day to day choices in what I am eating and fueling my body with. I can't wait to see where I am in a few months from now!"

Hey, I'm Emily

Owner and CEO of Dairy Girl Fitness

I'd love for you to meet the DGF Team!


The Dairy Girl Fitness coaches are a team of women who are here to empower other women in finding their strength and confidence. We meet you where you’re at to show you realistic, fun and sustainable ways to kick ass with your health & fitness goals.

A Dairy Girl Fitness coach can help you reach your health & fitness goals because we started in the same place as you, overcame the same struggles & understand the obstacles you face.

Combined, our team has 20+ years of experience and credentials like a BS in Kinesiology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Nutritionist, Girls Gone Strong Pre and Postnatal Certified, Health Mindset Coaching Certification, a Minor in Psychology and DLDNation Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Specialization.

We have spent YEARS gaining experience, knowledge and education so YOU don't have to spend your time and energy spinning your wheels with things that don’t work. So you can finally see progress like fat loss, muscle gain, confidence and strength WITHOUT sacrificing a life you love.

Results women have seen through DGF 1-1 Coaching

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Our clients are always experiencing wins like…


Meet A FEW of DGF success stories!

“I worked with Emily for 9 months and it was the most life changing 9 months I’ve ever had.

I had gotten to a point in my life where my health was of pretty great concern, and I had tried for years all different kinds of fad diets and going to the gym by myself - but didn’t have the knowledge or accountability to see results.

I have learned so much about not only fitness and nutrition, but about myself.

When I came into this journey, I had no self confidence. I did not like myself, I was not happy with where I was. But it was amazing how quickly that mindset was able to be shifted and you start to realize just how amazing your body is.”

“I wanted to call out Coach Kelsea and the attention to detail and everything she did to really push me, and give me what I needed for the last 6 months.

I have not had a 1-1 coach previously, and have done other programs before, but was getting to a point where I needed additional help.

Through my six 6 months, I lost about 15 pounds - and also had incredible strength gains, toning and I now I have so much more muscle on my body.

I’m 35 years old and this is the first time I’m happy about the slow, consistent weight loss because I’m happy with my choices everyday. It’s sustainable and I’ll be able to do this for the rest of my life.”

“My experience with Emily and Dairy Girl Fitness has been nothing short of incredible.

I realized that forming healthy habits and creating routines was truly the root of my happiness. Emily really helped me to define what that meant for me, and realize that my body can do much more incredible things than I ever thought it could do.

She also helped me realize that lifting weights is such an empowering activity. Becoming strong is SO COOL!”

“I reached out to Emily to add a little structure to my life, and she did just that and so much more!

She brought me into this community of wonderful women who all lift each other up and cheer each other on, which is HUGE to be a part of when you’re trying to reach your goals and you’re a busy person.

Something else that I gained was a big shift in how I view myself mentally. She showed me that I should be taking time for myself everyday, even if that just means getting more sleep!

Emily is there for our goals, she’s there as a friend, and is someone we can count on.”

“To put this lightly, DGF has forever changed my life. And I’m not just saying that to say that.

Before working with DGF, I was constantly in the gym, hours on the treadmill and had a really, really bad relationship with food.

Emily set me up with a lot of tools to be successful (macros, workouts, etc). Being with Emily for about 6 months, I saw incredible results and I’m SO happy.

The only regret that I have is NOT JOINING SOONER!”

“I can’t speak highly enough of Emily and what she does for her clients.

Before I started with DGF, I really struggled with an all or nothing mentality. I was helpless and frustrated. I wanted to hit my goals, have energy, feel beautiful in the mirror, but I wasn’t getting that.

She has helped me heal parts of my brain that have struggled with my relationship to food and exercise for so long. Because of DGF, I have built a lifestyle that will actually last!”


From our own journeys and coaching 400+ women, we understand what it’s like to feel lost and overwhelmed in your health & fitness journey, and how frustrating it can feel to be shoved into another cookie cutter program! Which is why our 1-1 coaching is meeting you where you’re at, and taking every aspect of your life into consideration when building out your plan. Our 1-1 coaching options start at $350 per month.


Customized training and workouts through our own Dairy Girl Fitness app! These workouts can be done at home or the gym, and are tailored to your goals, schedule and experience. All exercises have video demonstrations, sets, reps and rest times to follow - along with multiple ways to track your progress.

Customized macros and nutrition guidance, along with multiple resources to provide more education and ideas - a guide on how to use MyFitnessPal, 18 page informational welcome document, exclusive DGF cookbooks, macro guide, balanced meal guide and more. Your coach will be checking your food log and macros through MyFitnessPal and the training app.

Weekly check-ins with your coach that includes progress pictures, training videos to assess your form and effort, and in depth questions to discuss your struggles, wins and new goals.

Daily messaging access to your coach through WhatsApp so you can address concerns and ask questions if needed before your weekly check in.

Quarterly 1-1 Zoom calls with your coach throughout the duration of your coaching to celebrate progress and continue planning for the future.

Access to client group chats to surround yourself with like minded women who can uplift, encourage and inspire you.

Two educational trainings through Zoom every month and a video library full of ALL recorded trainings to provide even more knowledge and value so you can make this a sustainable lifestyle change on your own eventually!

All starting at just...


*Payment plans available

I guarantee that you’ll be matched with a coach that’s perfect for you and your goals, and they will be there with you every step of the way. If you show up, put in the work, and are willing to implement new habits, I promise that you’ll feel more confident with how you take care of your health.

Apply for 1-1 Coaching now!


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Have a conversation with me through Instagram or texting about our program details, and decide which coaching package is the best fit for you! 


I will match you with the best coach for your goals so we can get you onboarded, and a custom plan focusing on training, nutrition, habits and mindset built specifically for you!


Get started and START SEEING RESULTS in just 4 weeks!

It’s time to apply for Dairy Girl Fitness 1-1 coaching, otherwise you might…

  • Continue down this path of not feeling confident in yourself and your capabilities, and frustrated that you’re putting in the work, but not seeing any results to show for it
  • Feel stuck in a constant cycle of starting and stopping because you lack the accountability, knowledge and support to make sure you’re actually on the right path and sticking with it
  • Constantly second guess every choice you make and if that actually aligns with your goals or not, causing your relationship with food to worsen
  • Be disappointed that six months from now you’re in the exact same spot of feeling insecure and unhappy, wishing you had just taken the leap of investing in your health earlier
  • Gain more weight, feel unworthy in your body and avoid wearing the outfits and participating in the activities that you used to love
  • Constantly wonder how much different and fulfilling your days could look if you didn’t spend so much of them tearing yourself down, wishing you looked and felt different

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