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Meet The Team

Emily Shaw
Founder and CEO

Emily created Dairy Girl Fitness to empower women in making health and a priority without it feeling confusing, extreme or limiting. After growing up very involved in youth dairy organizations through her family's show herd, she's passionate about letting people know they don't have to cut dairy or other animal products out of their diet to be healthy.

Ashley Pekrul
Head Assistant Coach

Ashley, aka AMPYourLifestyle, is a NASM CPT & PN Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in NC that works to help women break the cycle of dieting, feel strong and reach their goals without restrictions. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Animal Science and Minor in Ag Business, and works towards educating the wellness industry on the truth about agriculture and where our food comes from.

 Kelsea Dunn
Assistant Coach

Kelsea is a heart centered coach who has been in the fitness industry for 11 years with in person + online experience! She is a Certified Personal Trainer, has a B.S in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition. She wants to show women that you can become the healthiest and best version of yourself at any age/weight/body type - without restriction or feeling miserable while working towards your goals.

Autumn Davidson
Assistant Coach

Autumn is a certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach through the NASM. Going on her 3rd year in the fitness industry, with a mix of in person training and online coaching, Autumn helps women build strength, embrace food freedom, create habits and shift their mindset. She loves programming workouts, teaching about macros and hyping you up to own who you are on and off of the weight floor!


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